Magemi Mining is a boutique mining company that delivers cost-effective consulting services and innovative technology solutions through an established network of highly experienced partners.


The typical feasibility study is performed for 10-12 months and on a budget of CAN$1-1.5M. With Magemi Mining, our clients reduce project timeline and budget in half. We offer consulting services for the mining industry from early stages of project development through studies, EPCM, commissioning, production ramp up, operations improvements and optimization, and closure, including environmental and socio-economic aspect, First Nations consultations, agreements, IBAs etc.  


In addition to consulting services, Magemi Mining has developed a proprietary SaaS solution called Magemi Mine Optimizer. It is built upon modules for plant feed and plant products blending, optimal plant feed grade and plant products grades which used on a daily basis lead to increased life of mine, better project economics, higher NPV and IRR.  Learn more about Magemi's products