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Magemi Mining is a diversified mining boutique with tailored technical and financial services for your business.


“Georgi draws on decades of experience in the mining industry and a wide network of connections to get any work done quickly and efficiently. He is my preferred partner in Canada because he possesses diversified technical knowledge and hands-on experience in the end-to-end mining cycle.”

- Edward Wipf, President, EdRockMan IV LLC


Technical services


Project Review and Evaluation

General independent project and operations reviews, fatal flaw studies, trade-off studies and etc. to help the decision making in respect of acquisitions, equity and project financing or to improve operations performance. 


Development Studies

Overall Project Management as well as technical, costs, and finnancials execution of scoping, Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA), feasibility studies, and capital and operations costs estimations, project financials and economics.

Extensive experience in mineral processing and infrastructure design, mine closure, environmental and communities impact studies, products marketing and contracts, costs and economics.


Mineral Processing and Metallurgy

Over 25 years of experience and expertise in mineral’s metallurgical engineering and the available processing options, developing and evaluating metallurgical test programs, design flow sheets, operational improvement, and conduct technical studies and due diligence audits. Magemi Mining also provide support and mentoring of existing operations and personnel. Experienced in Precious, Base, Ferrous, and other Metals, Industrial Minerals and bulk commodities.


financial services

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Magemi Mining Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Extensive experience in costs management, optimizations for projects, and preparation and execution of projects and company budgets, and providing help in company restructuring and improvement.

Magemi Mining Project Financing

Project Financing

We work with a network of accredited and institutional investors to help you find financing for your mining project, or new technology in the mining sector.

Magemi Mining Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

Leveraging our network of investment and equipment providers, we are able to secure equipment financing for your mining project, or new technology.

Commodity trading


Our listing platform, Mining Salons, has curated listings of vendors who are looking to buy and sell various commodities, materials and supplies for the mining industry.


green technologies

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Magemi Mining has developed a proprietary data analytics software called Magemi Mine Optimizer © , which is a powerful tool that designs and estimates mine projects scheduling, optimizes processes and generates financial reports. It also optimizes operations daily material handling and plant feed to maximize project financials, daily production, and control.

Apart from Magemi Mine Optimizer © , we represent the clean technology of our partners on our listing platform, Mining Salons.


Mining Salons

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Mining Salons is the global connecting platform for mining projects, equipment, commodities and technologies. List your projects for free and join an international network of investors to find financing for your projects.

Mining Salons website is visited by thousands of mining professionals around the world. Members of our online community include presidents and directors of Franco-Nevada, Cobalt 27, Anaconda Mining, Appia Energy and Ximen Mining, to name a few.

Join our growing network of mining executives by following the link below:


 Outsourcing Services


Magemi Mining has a team of highly experienced and accredited professional engineers, financial and technology experts who can help your business outsource many of your company’s functions:

  • Business development and marketing campaigns

  • Marketing materials design

  • Website design

  • Accounting and book-keeping services

  • Project management

  • Process and cost optimization

  • Proposal preparation

  • Project financing

  • Documentation and filing

We have a long list of successful projects, and a large network of mining connections in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa that we can leverage to expand your business sales.