Listing on Mining Salons

Magemi Mining is happy to announce that we have listed our company with Mining Salons, which is a global connecting platform for mining professional. We believe that listing on Mining Salons will make our technical and financial expertise, as well as our innovative products and services visible to Mining Salons’ broad international network of investors and users, and it will help to drive our business forward.

About Mining Salons

Mining Salons is a global connecting platform for mining projects, equipment, commodities and technologies which leans on an extensive network of international partners to connect mining professionals and help them achieve their goals.

To accredited investors, capital pool companies and institutional investors, Mining Salons offer curated content of international mining projects for sale at various stages of development. To mining executives who are looking to sell their projects, they bring successful deal sourcing execution and closing skills. They also partner with equipment vendors and mining cleantech vendors to showcase their processes and technologies.


Mining Salons