Over 25 years of experience and expertise in mineral’s metallurgical characteristics and the available processing options, developing and evaluating metallurgical test programs, design flowsheets, optimize operations, and conduct technical studies and due diligence audits. Magemi Mining also provide support and mentoring of existing operations and personnel. Experienced in Precious, Base, Ferrous, and other Metals, Industrial Minerals and bulk commodities.


  • Geo-Metallurgical Modelling

  • Circuit evaluation and optimization

  • Expansion studies

  • Process modelling

  • Geo-Metallurgical Modelling

  • Metallurgical Testing Programs Setup and Lead

  • Process Flow Sheet Design

  • Process Equipment Sizing and Selection

  • Plant Design and Layout

  • Mobile and Portable Processing Plants

  • Material and Water Balance

  • Process Review and Optimization

  • Commissioning and Operations Support

  • Operations Parameter Improvement and Optimization

  • Tailings and Waste Management